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Training Modules

Brought to us by Moto Academy NZ and MNZ

Moto Academy NZ and Motorcycling New Zealand have produced a series of training module documents.
The aim of these documents is to improve the overall skills and abilities of our young and novice riders.
They are designed to be either printed in hardcopy form, or used on a tablet/laptop.
They are best used by reading and understanding prior to going to the track or training site so that you have an idea what you will be doing.
We don't suggest that the information contained within these modules is all there is to know.
However, we do suggest that young and novice riders who work through these modules systematically, will end up with a good base of skills, knowledge and abilities.

Training Modules: Welcome
Training Modules: List
Training Modules: Image
Training Modules: List
Training Modules: Image
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Training Modules: Image
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