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Track Protection

Protecting the places we race

Something we've learned over the years, sometimes the hard way, is that kart tracks are much more easily damaged than larger race tracks. Crashing motorcycles can take it's toll.
However we've learned to guard against this pretty well with crash protection on the bikes that also protects the track.

We're very privileged to be able to race where we do, it's important that we look after the facilities to ensure maximum enjoyment for years to come.

Track Protection: Welcome

Track Protection Info

Below are some guides on getting set up for kart tracks.

Most of this is a work in progress. There is much wisdom to note down but also more for us to learn.
If you are preparing a bike and this info is not quite enough to get you set feel free to contact us for some help and advice.

The Bucket Bike Track Protection Guide 3

This is a guide on getting a bike ready for a kart track. It's now outdated and we have some lessons to incorporate in to the next version but still serves as a good starting point.

The Bucket Bike Track Protection Guide 4

A live 'work in progress', this covers some lessons learned since v3 was published.
Please understand this is a work in progress!

Track Protection Specification Library

Another Work in progress, this is a library of specifications that are known to work well for track protection.

Step By Step Preparation Guide - FXR 150

Coming (maybe) soon - How to race prep a Suzuki FXR 150 in many, many easy steps.

Coming (maybe) Soon

Step By Step Preparation Guide - R15

Coming (Maybe) soon - How t race prep a Yamaha R15 in many, many easy steps.

Coming (maybe) Soon

Kayo 150

Crash Protection for Kart Track Use

A Guide to preparing a Kayo 150 for a kart track.
(Work in progress)

Track Protection: News
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